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So Who is Lula Belle?

And the story begins...


Lula Belle, What a Name!

When I had the vision to create a spiritual place, one of the first thoughts was what the heck do I name it?  I knew it would have a positive vibe, full of light and love, but I could not decide on a name. Being a number person, I happened to look at the calendar and it was November 7th, my Mother's birthday...  I loved my Mother, but her name, Edna, didn't strike that creative chord with me. My Mother's Mom, who I never knew, was named Lula Belle!!  That's it!  My Grandmother was a strong woman who had 12 children from the late 1890's until 1922. She was a great spirit, raised incredible children, and passed on her bravery and resilience. 

At Lula Belle Books & Balance, we offer great services, products and specialize in Energy Balance. For now, all services are online, but stay tuned for new products, services, classes and events.