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So Who is Lula Belle?

And the story begins...


Lula Belle, What a Name!

When I had the vision to create a bookshoppe, one of the first thoughts was what the heck do I name it?  I knew it would be a spiritual place, with a positive vibe, full of light and love, but I could not decide on a name. Being a number person, I happened to look at the calendar and it was November 7th, my Mother's birthday...  I loved my Mother, but her name, Edna, didn't strike that creative chord with me. My Mother's Mom, who I never knew, was named Lula Belle!!  That's it!  My Grandmother was a strong woman who had 12 children from the late 1890's until 1922. She was a great spirit, raised incredible children, and passed on her bravery and resilience. 

At Lula Belle Bookshoppe, we have amazing books, beautiful stones/crystals, fragrant candles, incense, essential oils, exquisite jewelry, white sage, pendulums, singing bowls, local crafts, artwork, inspirational wind chimes, and creative colorful kites. There are Spiritual Gatherings, Classes, Special Evvents, Intuitive Readings, Mediumship and Reiki Healing and Life Coaching.

 Come visit Lula Belle Bookshoppe and experience my vision, my heritage, my inspiration!